Best Worscht in Town


Crime scene “Wurstbude” advertises the most famous product of “Best Worscht in Town”: The Currywurst (Sausage with a spicy sauce). The well-known shop sells a special sauce once a month and you can just buy it then.


Crime scene “Wurstbude” shows the shop the way a sausage would see it, as an extremely brutal place where the sausage gets cut into pieces or to say it in a simple way: murdered. The curry style of the month murders the sausage in an a cruel way. The death of the sausage is illustrated each month in a different way, to put a focus on the new curry style. These illustrations are printed on the poster in the shop but they are at the same time the flyer for the costumer that he can take back home. On the flyer is a crime story that describes the death of the sausage. When the Flyer is turned around the customer can see a pattern that he can cut out and then build his own little sausage by following the instructions on the back.