Mein Studiengang hängt im Schrank


The idea behind the book was the question whether you can guess someones course of study just by the clothes he or she wears. For the project we photographed 270 students, 55 per course, from four different courses: design, mechanical engineering, business studies and social sciences. The students were asked to take part in the project while going to their courses. They all got photographed in front of a white wall to make the photos look the same. Then we compared the different photos to find differences and similarities among the different students. For the results we made infographics to illustrate what defines each course. For example what kind of shoes most students wear, whether this are normal sneaker or more classic leather shoes. Each chapter starts with a cliché like “designer just wear chucks” the the following pages show our results of the analysis and each chapter closes with an answer to the cliché where you can see whether it is now true or not that all designer wear chucks.

Group project with Anne Butschinski