Res Publica


RES PUBLICA is a mobile memorial for the fallen German soldiers in Afghanistan. The memorial consists of numerous thorns which have their home at the “Platz der Republik” in Berlin. Every thorn symbolizes a fallen soldier. The more people die, the bigger gets the memorial.

Procedure: After the death of a soldier a new thorn is put in front of the victims home to show the people living in the city that someone has died on duty. After a few weeks the thorn travels to Berlin to find here his new home. The family can decide if they want to put a personal note or a photo on the thorn. These information are hidden as long as the weather is good. Once it starts to rain the illustration and the word appear thanks to a special coating on the black concrete of which the thorns are made of. 3-5 of these thorns can “travel” threw Germany and stand on public places in different German towns to remember more people of the death of theses soldiers.