School of Psychology


The School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington launched a design competition in 2017 to develop a logo and visual elements that they could use for marketing purposes.

I developed a logo that is influenced by the separation of psychology into the fields of social, behavioural, or cognitive science. The number three has been used as a basis to construct the main logo elements.

Three lines were used as a starting point to develop the letters of the logo showing the word ‚psychology‘. Each letter contains those three lines which partly overlap.

I wanted to emphasise the human focus of this science discipline and chose a warm colour tone for the logo and two additional colour values which are part of the same colour family as the main orange. Each letter contains the three main colours of the logo.

The three lines are combined into the letters and are used as furthermore as a pattern as part of the branding. The visual pattern can be used in print and digital material such as invitations and flyers and totem bags where more space is available.