The Bra Project


Finding the perfect fitting bra is challenging due to diverse body shapes, comfort vs. support needs, and lack of sizing standardization. Design flaws, limited options, personal preferences, and changing requirements also contribute. Women must navigate various styles and brands, often requiring trial and error. 



The ‘’ was a research project conducted in New Zealand. The project aimed to collect measurements of female breasts to develop the perfect fitting bra. I worked alongside the project team who conducted the literature and interviews to determine how the female breast should be measured and how the data can be transformed to develop a good-fitting bra.



I developed several illustrations that explain the different measurements that women have to do. The illustrations and website instructions were tested with participants and adjusted accordingly to make sure that the instructions were easy to understand. The website that was developed allows women to measure their breasts alone or with a friend and share the data in the end with the project team. 

The Bra Project
Project Lead:
Xuxu Amoozegar-Montero and Edgar R. Rodriguez-Ramirez
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