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Hi, I am

A designer and design researcher from Germany. I currently live and work in the Netherlands. My research focuses on the intersection of product & graphic design and behaviour change interventions.




DDC ‘Was ist gut’ Award


Category: Product (Nominee)

Project: MRI head support

Best Awards

2020, New Zealand

Category: Concept/

Experimental (Bronze)

Project: MRI head support

CoRE 77


Category: Strategy & Research

(Notable honor)

Project: MRI head support

Best Awards

2018, New Zealand

Category: Graphic (Nominee)

Project: School of Psychology branding

Best Awards

2016, New Zealand

Category: Self promotion


Project: MedTech CoRE Day

CoRE 77


Category: Interior design

(Student runner up)

Project: [DIZAJN]


Setting the stage: Disgust as an aesthetic food experience

Mailin Lemke, Bas de Boer (in press)

Design Issue

Solo dining at home in the company of ICT devices

Núria Nicolau i Torra, Mailin Lemke, Gijs Huisman (2022)

Frontiers in Computer Science, 4.

The use of ICT devices as part of the solo eating experience

Mailin Lemke, Hendrik NJ Schifferstein (2021)

Appetite, 165: 105297.

Between attraction and aversion: How designers can use the concept of disgust to influence food consumption

Mailin Lemke, Boudewijn Boon, Hendrik N. J. Schifferstein (2021)

International Journal of Food Design, 6(1): 67-101.

Bringing disgust in through the backdoor in healthy food promotion: A phenomenological perspective

Bas de Boer, Mailin Lemke (2021)

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 24(4): 731-743.

An exploratory study using graphic design to communicate consumer benefits on food packaging

Hendrik NJ Schifferstein, Mailin Lemke, Alie de Boer (2021)

Food Quality and Preference, 97.

Conveying information through food packaging: A literature review comparing legislation with consumer perception.

Hendrik NJ Schifferstein, Alie de Boer, Mailin Lemke (2021)

Journal of Functional Foods, 86: 104734.

Operationalizing behavior change theory as part of persuasive technology: A scoping review on social comparison.

Mailin Lemke, Roelof Anne Jelle de Vries (2021)

Frontiers in Computer Science, 3: 656873.

Nova Creatio: A clinical perspective on rehabilitative everyday objects for people with chronic stroke.

Mailin Lemke, Edgar Rodríguez Ramírez & Brian Robinson (2019)

Proceedings of the Conference on Design and Semantics of Form and

Movement – Beyond Intelligence, DeSForM 2019.

Motivators and barriers to using information and communication
technology in everyday life following stroke: A qualitative and video
observation study.

Mailin Lemke, Edgar Rodríguez Ramírez, Brian Robinson, Nada Signal


Disability and Rehabilitation, 42:14, 1954-1962.

Addressing stigma in the design of a physical device and digital app for pelvic floor exercises. Five concepts to increase women’s health

Edgar Rodríguez Ramírez, Helen Andreae, Mailin Lemke (2019)

The Design Journal, 22:sup1, 517-537.

Sitting still: Seat design for a new head-only MRI scanner.

Christy Wells, Edgar Rodríguez Ramírez, Mailin Lemke,

Ben Parkinson (2019)

Proceedings of the Conference on Design and Semantics of Form and

Movement – Beyond Intelligence, DeSForM 2019.

Limited use only. How can the design of an everyday object evoke an initiation of use in chronic stroke survivors.

Mailin Lemke (2018).

PhD thesis

URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10063/7816

How can constraint-induced movement therapy for stroke patients
be incorporated into the design of a tangible interface? The case study of the ‘Biggest Hit.’

Mailin Lemke, Edgar Rodríguez Ramírez, Brian Robinson (2017).

The Design Journal, 20, S2315–S2335.

Investigating and designing the appearance of a device for facilitating pelvic floor exercises: A case study on design sensitivity for women’s healthcare.

Edgar Rodríguez Ramírez, Mailin Lemke, Gillian McCarthy, Helen

Andreae (2017).

In M. B. Alonso & E. Ozcan (Eds.), Proceedings of the Conference on

Design and Semantics of Form and Movement – Sense and Sensitivity,

DeSForM 2017.

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