Interactive Koelsch

Project team: Katharina Bahne, Marieme Diene, Jeanine Gerardy, Bettina Grempels, Simon Hargittay, Anja Nolde, Ivana Planinc, Christiane Riedel, Verena Schröder, Sascha Sommer, Maria Stroinski, Jan Völker, Delia Winter, Ina Ann Christin Witte

During the PASSAGEN 2011 in Cologne, we exhibited an interactive light installation called ‚Interactive Kölsch‘. In the basement of the hotel ‚Monte Christo‘ 1600 individually controllable LED lights transformed the room into a stunning spatial experience. The visitors were able to influence the installation via their Kölsch consumption. When buying a drink they were handed over a beer mat which had a pattern printed on the back side. Two different beer mats were available – the first one labelled with ‚blue‘the second one with ‚pink‘. With these beer mats the installation could be controlled and influenced by the corresponding colors via an interactive table.

Project conducted as part of the master of arts program
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